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1. What subjects do you handle?
Software, banking, insurance, technical, various branches of engineering, SAP, literature etc.

2. What languages do you handle?
German to English
French to English
Italian to English
Sanskrit to English

3. What volumes do you handle?
Any volume that you may require – right from a single page to books to long-term projects.

4. How much time do you take to give a quote?
Twenty four working hours after you send us all details about the project and your sample text.

5. Do you require any lead time?
We always need some lead time after confirmation of the order, which can vary on a case-to-case basis.

6. How much time do you take to turnaround a translation?
The turnaround time depends on our work load and the volume of the proposed project.

7. On what basis do you charge?
We charge on "per-word" basis. However, we are not closed to line rate.

8. How do we pay for your service?
You can pay by bank transfer or if within India by cheque.

9. Do we need to provide any reference material?
It is always useful if you provide reference material.

10. Do we need to provide Glossaries or Translation tool memories?
It is always useful if you provide glossaries or memories.

11. Do your translators work at our sites?
No, they do not.

12. What is the transmission mode for assignments?
By email.

13. Are you agreeable to signing Non-disclosure agreements with us?
We are agreeable to signing NDAs.

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